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HERE it is: The very first physical release from Global Hideout.
Actually this release is a triple label collaboration release (Against it Records, ContraMusikProduktion, Global Hideout).
Global Hideout is offering the official digital version, too.

CD Info
Mr. Rabendorn, who is currently indeed living "somewhere in Exile" sweetens us the End of the World (which happens in the minds, souls and brains of some people) with his 4th solo album.
"Exile", the gapless mixed concept album comes out just one day before 21122012.

The majority of songs has been written & recorded already in 2008/2009.
Gregory James Wyrick contributed words for 5 of the 16 songs of this concept album, while Ralf wrote all other lyrics.

Music Info
The music varies, although all songs fit together perfectly in their very own way.
Avant Rock, Experimental Rock,Dark Ambient, Avant-Garde, Piano pieces, Krautrock, Psychedelic tunes etc
Always experimental and always unique.

General CD Info
Strictly limited CD edition (Digital Version available,too) It comes in a beautiful big and heavy 6 panel cover, professional printed.

(one pic by Iri Li though), artwork/cover design and production & mastering by Ralf

Digital Version available, too!

Release date: December, 20th 2012

The sound samples do not really represent the entire album or the individual song, due to the different parts
Tracklist & Sound Samples:
1 Intro
2 Slip Away, pt.1
3 Tiefer ins Exil
4 Une Étude de l'Exil (1)
5 The Dark Exile
6 Repentance of Midnight*
7 Das ungute Gefühl
8 Paul (für P.C.)
9 Decoy*
10 1)Freihändig Richtung Abgrund / 2)Nicotiana*
11 Rast
12 The Collectors of Minutes*
13 Une Étude de l'Exil (2)
14 Rapid Eye Movement
15 Vor Augen
16 Slip Away, pt.2*

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